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Boinx Software is a german multinational software company with the headquarters in Germering in the south of Germany. It has historically specialized in software (FotoMagico Pro) for Apple Mac. In 1996 the company was founded by the brothers Achim and Oliver Breidenbach.

As of 2010, the firm’s applications have been rewarded with several Apple Design Awards, including BoinxTV (2009 Best Mac OS X Leopard Developer Showcase), FotoMagico (2008 Best Mac OS X Leopard Graphics and Media Application runner-up & 2006 Best Mac OS X User Experience – Runner-up) and PhotoPresenter (2006 Best Mac OS X Student Project – Runner-up). ( source Wiki )




Having tried and tested most slidebuilders, nothing comes close to FotoMagico Pro, the software is easy to use for home users as well as professionals who want to impress their clients.

Visual Storytelling For Photographers.

Make gorgeous slideshows out of your photos & videos on Mac and iPad. Add music, text and use stunning effects to make great transitions from frame to frame.

Slideshow Maker for Macs and iPads

To improve your story telling abilities, use the builtin storylines to arrange your photos and tell your story in pictures. Present your slideshow online, offline or with your iPad. Export your slideshow as a high resolution video up to 4k resolution for the best image quality.
What better way to have a slideshow impress your audience, with stunning image quality and unmatched transition and audio options. A true winner for the photographer who wants the best available.



FotoMagico 5 Pro is easy to install, and additional folders for use of your private music and photo’s are imported by just simply drag & drop them in the desired sidebar. You can purchase additional snippets from the Boinx website, or create your own to reuse later in other projects.


Slideshow Maker for your Mac and iPad

Starting a new project presents you some choices to make. Great to see that 4k is supported as many users will have a qualifying setup to take full advantage of todays image quality.



Available preferences are basic as all adjustments are made within the applications settings for images, audio etc. You may wish to disable the diagnostic box ! FotoMagico Pro offers a full 4k resolution, but you may also choose a less visual format in order to minimize  file-size and make it more usable for your portable data stick. If file-size is no problem always choose the highest setting possible.


It really is easy to setup your new project. Start with creating an Intro for your slideshow. There are pre-installed intro’s available, so is a full film directory setup ready to be used.
A nice clean overview is presented of all available transitions.

Once you have dropped all images and audio-folders in the sidebar, you may start dragging and dropping them into the Timeline and Audioline.

Like the Mac version, FotoMagico for iPad includes more than 60 royalty-free music cues across seven different styles.


FotoMagico 5 Pro can automatically import photos, music, and video. When the sidebar is showing the Images, you can see Apple’s Aperture, iPhoto, or Photos, under the ‘Libraries’ section of the sidebar. If that is not enough, you can add a folder of your choice under the ‘Folders’ section of the sidebar.



Sofar really easy! FotoMagico 5 Pro has a variety of Music, Intro and Transition options. Make your choices and set all options as desired.

In any image-square, choose image position, zoom level, and rotation. Animation can be unset in Settings at any time.

As mentioned there are two main editing modes in FotoMagico 5 Pro:
– Storyboard and the Timeline.
Added audiotrack is adjustable by settings



To learn tricks and tips, go to the File menu, and select Open Demo Slideshow. This demo slideshow  will show you a lot of what you can do with this software.
Once you’ve finished your slideshow, you can export your slideshow in various ways:



FotoMagico Pro 5 is by far the best Mac program for your video or image presentations. Slideshows are rendered fast with great image quality. If you consider yourself to be a professional photographer or you wish to impress your audience FotoMagico Pro will earn you and itself a five star rating. For the first time a slidebuilder really impressed me.


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