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In May 2019, NordVPN announced the upcoming launch of NordLocker, “an app with a zero-knowledge encryption process”. Although the initial estimated time of arrival was summer 2019, the actual launch took place in November. The app was launched as a local file encryption tool with secure sharing. Users are able to encrypt up to 3 GB of data for free or pay for unlimited encryption. In March 2020, NordLocker announced newly implemented cloud sharing integrations with Dropbox and Google Drive. In August 2020, NordLocker launched a cloud storage add-on, a feature allowing users to back up their data and synchronize it across multiple devices.

NordLocker is a file encryption software integrated with end-to-end encrypted cloud storage. It is available on Windows and macOS. NordLocker is developed by Nord Security, a company behind the NordVPN virtual private network, and is based in the UK and the Netherlands.

NordLocker uses a freemium business model, where users are offered a free account with unlimited local file encryption and a set amount of cloud storage with sync and backup features. More cloud storage is available via a paid subscription.



NordLocker (Premium & Free) is a new-generation file encryption app with zero-knowledge architecture. Encrypting your files with NordLocker is like keeping them in a locked safe. If someone tries to take a peek at what’s inside, they’re out of luck – only you have access. To keep data ultra safe and private, their cryptosystem uses the most advanced ciphers and principles, featuring Argon2, AES256, ECC (with XChaCha20, EdDSA and Poly1305), and other creations of modern cryptography.

NordLocker allows you to encrypt data on your computer without limits, while the cloud feature keeps your files accessible. The app makes both local and cloud data confidential. Only you can access the files protected by NordLocker.

What do I get with NordLocker Free?





When you sign in to NordLocker, you will first be asked to enter your credentials. Then, you will have to enter your master password to access your files. Why is that?

You may know that NordLocker is part of a larger family called NordSec. When you create a NordLocker account, you become a part of the NordSec family, which also includes NordPass and NordVPN. In your account, you can manage your NordSec subscriptions, check payments, and more. Entering your credentials when you launch NordLocker is the first layer of security for your files.

Next comes your master password, providing you with more than just another layer of security. Your master password is part of the encryption process. While we could send you a new account password, your master password is yours, and yours alone. It’s secret, non-sharable, and can only be restored with your recovery key.






NordLocker Premium is file encryption software that allows you to encrypt any file and store it on your computer or in the cloud. You can either drag a document into an encrypted folder (the so-called “locker”) or add files by clicking the +Add files icon in the app. The encryption process starts as soon as you add the files. If the file is small, you won’t even see a progress bar. But don’t worry — once in the locker, your data is protected even if you didn’t notice the encryption process.

NordLocker gives you full control of your security. You choose what you want to share and what you want to keep private. Even if someone got onto your computer, they would not know what files you keep.

  • NordLocker offers a drag-and-drop interface and file-based encryption. As a result, securing files is easy — you can even work on your files straight from the app.
  • NordLocker uses AES and ECC, the world’s most advanced cryptography algorithms, to make sure that nobody can access your files without your knowledge.
  • NordLocker allows unlimited encryption and local storage as well as data backup and sync via its own end-to-end encrypted cloud.
  • NordLocker is available on macOS and Windows.
  • NordLocker’s zero-knowledge architecture keeps your data private from everyone else.


A ‘ locker ‘ is NordLockers way to ensure a smooth file-process working experience. It’s an encrypted folder where you can work the same way you always do. A locker adds a security layer, but your workflow remains similar to what you’re used to.

There are two types of lockers: the ones on your Mac, which are designed to encrypt your files and let you keep them anywhere you like (on other devices, a flash drive, an email, etc.), and those in your NordLocker cloud, which allows you to store encrypted data in the cloud and sync it between computers.

You can create as many lockers as you want and organize them the way you like.



You can upload lockers from your PC/Mac to third-party cloud storage services, such as Dropbox or Google Drive, and access them from anywhere in the world on any device as long as it has NordLocker installed.

Share NordLocker files:

You can share lockers on your PC/Mac with other users, but the feature is not yet supported in the NordLocker cloud. Sharing files in a locker on your PC/Mac involves two steps: giving someone permission to access the locker with your files and sharing it. With either of the steps missing, the person would not be able to see what you’ve shared.

  1. Select the locker.
  2. Click on the Share locker button.
  3. Add the person’s email address.

Sharing individual files or folders:

The sharing process is similar, but you’ll have to create a new locker on your Mac to share this data:

  1. Click the New Locker button above the list of your local lockers. Name your locker.
  2. Drag the folders and files you want to share into the new locker.
  3. Click on the Share locker button, which you can alternatively find by right-clicking on a locker.
  4. Add the recipient’s email address.
  5. Don’t forget to click Add after you enter the person’s email.

Once you’ve added the recipients and clicked Share, you’ll see different sharing options. For example, Send via Dropbox will take you through several steps to upload the locker to Dropbox. It will also generate a link to share the file. To access the file, the recipient will have to download it and install NordLocker.



The other option, Show file in Explorer/Finder, lets you choose how you will share a file. Sharing options depend on your operating system.

The smaller the file, the easier it is to share. For example, you can share such files via email. Most email clients will require you to archive the locker first, but if you’re using macOS, the Share via Mail button will do so automatically.



NordLocker Premium for Mac (& Free) work absolutely great and really quickly encrypts files on a local disk. The software has a nice clean design but is restricted to a black interface, this minimalistic  design and options is fine for me but it all comes down to your requirements being a person or a company. NordLocker is available for free with 3Gb Cloud storage, and a paid Premium version with 500Gb Cloud to your disposal (you can always send the NordLocker vault to another cloud storage service if needed). NordLocker absolutely benefits anybody looking for some extra file protection for free or paid storage.


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