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Version 3.7Product: Cleanshot X
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We’re a small creative team focused on building websites, native macOS and mobile applications. Sometimes, we also make promo videos. The company MakeTheWeb was started in 2011 in Poland. CleanShot X version 3.7 is their latest Mac utility.


For those among us using screen-copy/recording and annotate images all the time, CleanShot X provides over 50 features making it the ultimate screen capturing tool. It features great tools :

With the built-in editor, you can highlight or hide specific parts of your screenshots, or add necessary annotations. CleanShot provides astonishingly wide range of tools, so you can do whatever you want with your screenshots. The interface is simple, with great, native performance.  
  • Native macOS look and feel
  • Modern interface with perfect UX
  • Great performance
  • Many sharing options
  • “Drag me” button
  • Dark and Light mode support
Right after taking a screenshot or recording a video, you’ll see a small pop-up in the corner of your screen. It’s designed for viewing, annotating, or sharing whatever you’ve just captured. Instantly save, copy or drag & drop the files to other apps. Whatever your workflow looks like, it’s going to fit.  
  • Easily copy, save or annotate captures
  • Display additional file information
  • Restore recently closed overlay
  • Adjust position on the screen
  • Adjust size
  • Configurable Auto-close behavior
  • Multi-display support
  • Control with swipe gestures
With CleanShot you can capture your Mac’s screen in many ways. You can grab the area, fullscreen, window, or even a scrolling window. Set a timer if you need a few seconds to capture the right moment. The possibilities are endless.  
  • Capture Area
  • Capture Window
  • Self-Timer
  • Capture Fullscreen
  • Scrolling Capture
  • PixelSnap integration
Need to capture something that doesn’t fit on your screen? Maybe you want to save a chat history or take a screenshot of a larger chunk of code? With CleanShot it’s possible! And it works nearly in every app.
No matter if you want to make a quick recording or the whole video tutorial, CleanShot will work for you. Choose between recording a video or a GIF, whether to capture a specific window, part of the screen, or fullscreen. You can even capture the sound that comes out of your Mac!  
  • Capture window, fullscreen or specify custom area dimensions
  • Record as MP4 H.264 Video
  • Record as GIF
  • Easily control quality, FPS and resolution
  • Record Microphone
  • Record Computer Audio (beta)
  • Automatically enable “Do not disturb” mode while recording
  • Show/Hide cursor
  • Display recording time in the menu bar
  • Hide clutter from your desktop when recording
You can instantly save your screen captures to CleanShot Cloud — dedicated hosting integrated with the app. Straight from the Quick Access Overlay, upload your screenshots or videos and get a link ready to share. Perfect for you, or your whole team.  
  • Upload screenshots or recordings and get a link to share
  • Self destruct control
  • Using Cloud isn’t required to use the app
  • Tag screenshots for better organization
  • Custom domain & branding
  • Team management
  • Capture Clicks
  • Change color
  • Change size
  • Change style (Outline/Filled)
  • Enable/Disable animation
  • Capture Keystrokes
  • Change position
  • Change size
  • Change style (Dark/Light)
  • Show all keys or only command keys
  • Record Camera
  • Change position
  • Change size
With our built-in video editor, you will be able to prepare a screen recording for sharing, by reducing its file size or changing the audio settings.  
  • Trim
  • Change Quality
  • Convert stereo audio to mono
  • Playback recorded video
  • Change resolution
  • Mute audio
Take screenshots more precisely by showing the crosshair and magnifier. You can also capture moving objects by freezing your screen.  
  • Show crosshair
  • Show magnifier
  • Freeze screen
Keep a reference of anything you need always visible. It will float above all windows.  
  • Pin any screenshot to the screen
  • Always on top
  • Adjust size & opacity
  • Precisely set on screen position with arrow keys

As with most small but fantastic utilities a video explains its use better than just typed words. This new version now features “capture scrolling screen” which is a true bonus as a screen recording most times focuses on an area to be captured which makes scrolling impossible on most utilities. Finally CleanShot X solved this problem and created a great and easy working tool straight from its menu in your Mac’s top bar.

The menu-bar presents this Cleanshot X drop-down overview, where in Preferences any shortcut can be set for each action.
Version 3.7 allows screenshots and such to be uploaded to the Cleanshot Cloud which provides 1Gb free data space.

The uploaded images are stored in a lossless format which compromises images some what in order to better handling for internet and web. If you want to keep the original quality you need to subscribe to Cloud Pro  which will cost you $8/m.

  • Access to the Mac app for all users
    You will activate the app via Cloud account.
  • Always get the latest version of CleanShot
    Stay up to date with new features and improvements.
  • Unlimited Cloud storage
    Upload your captures and instantly get a shareable link.
  • Custom domain
    Connect your own domain and use it for sharing.
  • Custom branding
    Make it your own by adding your logo.
  • Advanced Cloud features
    Self destruct control, team management.

When activating ‘View All Uploads’ you will be taken to your private online Cloud storage.


Cleanshot X for Mac review
Cleanshot X for Mac review
Cleanshot X for Mac review
Cleanshot X for Mac review
Cleanshot X for Mac review
Cleanshot X for Mac review
Cleanshot X for Mac review
Cleanshot X for Mac review
Cleanshot X for Mac review
Cleanshot X for Mac review
Cleanshot X for Mac review
Cleanshot X for Mac review
Cleanshot X for Mac review
Cleanshot X for Mac review
Cleanshot X for Mac review
Cleanshot X for Mac review
Cleanshot X for Mac review
Cleanshot X for Mac review


Sometimes you may wish to keep some information on your image private. You can of course set a rectangle over the text, but pixalation leaves your image original but changes its pixels easy and simple to pixelate an area of a screenshot using CleanShot X.
Check this example:

Cleanshot X for Mac review

This video provides visual overview of this awesome utility, which is our default utility for our website. The Annotation feature is exactly what we need for enhancing aspects on images. Opening screen of the video below !


CleanShot X is a fantastic utility we can’t do without. Its versatile, quick and works flawless and provides a much easier work setting. It combines actions available on different applications into one full screen-action center. Its pricing $ 29 and 1Gb storage is fair and we feel any user should try this utility and experience its tools.

4.5/5 - (33 votes)


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