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Version 2.1Product: MacUpdater 2


CoreCode has been developing software for macOS since 1998 and specializes in building awesome apps for macOS and iOS. CoreCode sells commercial software alongside offering free applications. CoreCode provides more than a dozen commercial apps as well as over two dozen open-source apps for the Mac and strongly believes in contributing back the community. Enjoy! (MacUpdater 3, the best software updater for Mac, period !)


Preferences are very good for a basic program like this. It offers you ‘Keep Safety Backups”, which could prove useful incase of incompatibility after updating. Notifications and Scan-planning ( daily is minimum ) are also part of preferences. All obvious and simple.


In contrast to competing services, you don’t need to register to use MacUpdater. Just launch it, scan & update. Even more important, everything in MacUpdater is designed with your privacy in mind. They don’t track you and they don’t sell your data – because they don’t even have it. In fact they have an industry-leading Privacy Policy that should keep you all warm & snug. ( This is their claim! )


Version 3 has some improvements and fixes:

MacUpdater 2 for Mac review


MacUpdater is ‘not just’ a useful software updates tracker, but a rather sophisticated and loaded toolbox. MacUpdater is available in 4 versions from Free to Business. This is the most advanced ‘Mac update tool around’ providing full control. MacUpdater 3 features the following options and tasks:

  • scan and log/record all (or any subset you wish) of the apps that you have installed on your iMac or MacOS machine
  • compares active version of each application with the accurate MacUpdater 2.0 database
  • alerts you if it finds an update, or later/newer version, when it’s available
  • install new versions if the framework is supported by the app in question
  • guides you through and/or variously facilitate (semi-)manual installation of the update(s)
  • keeps a customisable number of backups  – just in case you decide to roll back.
MacUpdater 2 for Mac review

Now before installing/updating you can if you wish, check all information about the upgrade and developer. As this version 2 release and review is just fresh I feel the ✅ button is a little to prominent and not in line with its interface. Still that’s only cosmetics and a matter of taste. Though I can’t find information on MacUpdaters website about ‘how they fetch new releases information’ I think they might use Sparkle Framework.

Sparkle is an easy-to-use software update framework for macOS applications. It delivers updates using appcasting, a term used to refer to the practice of using RSS to distribute update information and release notes.

The program initially does a full scan of your applications folder ( fast and secure) and checks their version numbers. We have a very positive experience with the suggested updates which the application will install by itself. MacUpdater is collecting software information from its users by default and sends it to MacUpdater DB, this setting can not be undone if you wish to keep using MacUpdater.

The upload and installation fully runs automatic and restarts the application after updating.You might be tempted to run the update frequently on manual but are not allowed to run more than 4 to 6 times daily (depending on version),  just to keep their servers running smoothly. It will however run in the background scanning all or selected software in its settings.

MacUpdater is so much more than just a simple updating utility, its your Swiss Knife when it comes to to versatility and extensive range of settings providing full control for the user.

After successful update a popup will appear. The program knows wether an application is only updatable by the App Store or straight from developer.

MacUpdater 2 for Mac review


MacUpdater 3, will check, inform and install updates if available. This program is loaded with settings to keep full control and never crashes, hangs or misbehaves. It’s no rocket-science but absolutely keeps your Application Folder always up to date, and is the application anyone should have. It’s versatile, cheap, and keeps you on top of all updates made. We ReviewMacApps use it daily as our default, well done Corecode for providing MacUpdater 3.

4.7/5 - (20 votes)

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woodelfboy · August 20, 2021 at 9:04 pm

MacUpdater 2 is a very useful and convenient app.
Especially the auto update function which really remove the hassle to do it manually.
Plus the team is very kind and reactive.
I’m a very happy user of this great app. Keep it up Corecode !!!

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