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Version 1.4.61Product: Inpixio Photo Studio 10 Pro
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Based in Paris with additional development resources worlwide, InPixio is a brand of Softcity and the Avanquest Group. InPixio is positioned on the key segment of photography and “Mobile to Print”.  Their drive is reflected by a direct presence in all market channels: Apple App Store, Apple Mac App Store, Google Play, Windows Stores etc. Also, by forging close relationships with a network of prestigious partners (Intel, Microsoft, Samsung etc.), InPixio has met the expectations of a public that is ever more attracted to downloaded software and mobile applications. Their latest creation is Inpixio Photo Studio 10 Pro Mac.


Just Drag & Drop the application to your applications folder and you’re done really. InPixio Photo Studio 10 Pro Mac consists of three individual applications: Photo Cutter, Photo Eraser and Photo Editor. There is NO ‘ check for updates’ button available, nor is a ‘preferences’ !. Its just performing checks on the background for valid serials used. Starting any of the three applications can be done from the combined applications interface (picture below), or by using the seperate applications itself. Inpixio is build for easy use and top results. This new version has a Photo Editor included to provide an overall experience for completion.


  • First of the applications ( Photo Cutter, Photo Eraser and Photo Editor), Photo Cutter is a handy and easy to use application. Its interface is simple and preferences options are not available nor are extended export functions. The interface is a three stage editing section: Crop , Cut-Out and Photomontage. Inpixio makes editing so easy and fun really! Removing /keeping areas is piece of cake for anybody.
    Load your picture/image
    Choose Crop now or at later stage
    Set brush size for Remove and Keep
    Set quality ( where I feel the Faster method works best ?)
    Select area
    Wait for computer editing
    Check result ( adjust Edge blur to your liking )

The final result of any photo-cutting / background removal, really depends on the pictures composition. Want to remove background from any image with a little difference in contrast between object and background results in a diffycult operation which will not give you pleasing results. Its obvious the software’s algorithm needs to calculate the smallest

  • Now the fun part of InPixio Photo Cutter

Photomontage section provides some starting images to work with, but you can add any image to this section by using the + sign. Below I just show you some steps and a final composition just for show.
It’s all about showing you the easy steps in creating your composition.

How does it work ? To be fair we don’t know which technique Inpixio uses for her software.

Semantic segmentation is a well known computer vision task, one of the top three, along with classification and object detection. The segmentation is actually a classification task, in the sense of classifying every pixel to a class. Unlike image classification or detection, segmentation model really shows some “understanding” of the images, in not only saying “there is a car in this image”, but pointing where and what is the car, on a pixel level.

So how does the segmentation work? To better understand, we will have to examine some of the early works in this field.

The earliest idea was to adopt some of the early classification networks such as VGG and Alexnet. VGG was the state of the art model back in 2014 for image classification, and is very useful nowadays because of it’s simple and straightforward architecture. When examining VGG early layers, it may be noticed that there are high activation around the item to classify. Deeper layers have even stronger activation, however they are coarse in their nature since the repetitive pooling action. With these understandings in mind, it was hypothesized that classification training can also be used with some tweaks to finding/segmenting the object. If you would like to know more about possible techniques check this link


When I earlier mentioned limited export options, I really mean limited!  There is no other format available as JPEG, which is a shame really. All we get is a simple Save and option for Folder location, which is unsatisfying and a missed chance for a nice product like Photo Cutter. Export options should provide uploads to ‘social media’ and different of saving formats (png, tiff etc).


Cutout Defined Objects Easily
Compose Photo Montages
Clone Image Sections To Fill Space
Save Multiple Projects
Precision Selection With Lasso Tool
Use Paint Brush For Large Objects
Want to have a try for free, to erase an object from a picture? Well Inpixio has a free option 



Well next application InPixio Photo Eraser is again easy to use, but in order to obtain some result you need to fiddle around some time. Erasing objects is in most reviews shown with people in the sea or stuff like that. Anyway, images with large area’s of same colouring and objects like water, field of grass etc. These larger erea’s makes it much easier on the software to calculate replacement pixels. However removing a person in a busy city, is another level all together.
The software is confronted with many different objects, colouring and intensities which makes it a hard job to perform well. No matter how hard you try, enlarging an image will always show its been tempered with.

Small objects can easily be removed, but a large object in a complex composition is almost impossible to remove. The Cloning feature helps out, replacing an area with a similar (colour ) chosen spot creates a fairly good result. Just check the two images below where a person was removed and the pavement and surroundings have been ‘Stamped and Cloned’. The end result is okay, considering it took me 10 minutes to do the job.

If the result is satisfying is up to you….

This is about the best one can achieve with non professional tools in complex compositions. Erasing technique is complex, and I guess Photoshop will do a better job with this same image, but Photoshop is not for dummies and this is where Inpixio excels : usability at beginners level and those who are happy with a straightforward approach towards photo editing.

Still I feel Inpixio is doing a great job, and editing is fast and accurate. It does have its limitations but will help the enthusiast in editing their image.


The latest addition in Photo Studio is an editor enabling you to further adjust your pictures and add some special effects. Inpixio Photo Editor is no replacement for Photoshop or Luminar as it is far less equipped with underlaying techniques and features. That said, you can edit your image to your liking with some simple tools. When changing the sliders to your preferred setting, you can set it to default again by double clicking the sliderball. This saves you some time to go back to original setting of the chosen adjustment.

Filters and textures
Creative Blur
Edit Colors
Text tool
Advanced Cropping

Create beautiful photos by adding a blurred effect to all or parts of your image. Draw attention to a certain point in your image by blurring the surroundings, and give your photos an artistic edge.


Whenever you need to touch up your images a bit, change or delete background, InPixio Photo Studio 10 Pro Mac provides professional-looking results. It is really easy to use and doesn’t need any special training. All three applications have minimalistic interfaces and anybody should be able to the job in no time. All provided tools are handy and the Cut-Out feature works really well.

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