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ThemePrice Company offices are located at : India. It was founded in 2018, and their number of staff is 28. Being fairly new they are aiming to stay and provide first class service and subscriptions. ThemePrice selling point is WordPress GPL themes and plugins.


The GNU General Public License (referred to as ‘GPL’) was created by computer programmer Richard Stallman in 1985. It was named the ‘GNU’ GPL, and was initiated to license the GNU operating system.

The GPL is a free software license.  The use of the word “free” within “free software” however refers not to price, but to the user’s freedom to utilize, modify and distribute the software.

The GPL is best summarized by the four freedoms associated with the “free software” movement:

  • The freedom to run the program for any purpose.
  • The freedom to study how the program works, and change it to make it do what you wish.
  • The freedom to redistribute copies so you can help your neighbor.
  • The freedom to improve the program, and release your improvements (and modified versions in general) to the public, so that the whole community benefits.

In other words, the GPL is the antithesis to proprietary software—the likes of Windows or iOS. It empowers the end user and doesn’t necessarily work in the best interests of the developer.
However, as we will discover, it certainly does work for WordPress developers (if not perhaps by design). This in a nutshell covers the claim of any GPL site stating their software, plugins and themes are fully legal selling objects, despite not being the developer of the items.


WordPress is open-source content management licensed under GPLv2, which means anyone can use or modify the WordPress software (themes,plugins) for free. The content management system basically offers a working tool to manage all aspects of your website – all content – without any programming knowledge. WordPress makes it possible for anyone to create and maintain their created websites with the help of plugins and themes..


So is anyone able to create and maintain a WordPress website ? This makes it all sound too easy, and is it really easy to create a good looking website? Well, this depends on your opinion of ‘Good and Bad’ really. Your first step is to choose a WordPress Theme, which sounds easier then it really is, as there are a 1000+ themes to choose from, so which will you get ?They are all presented in an optimum way to catch your eyes and make you decide to choose the theme and get your dollars out.
I think, your first step is to decide if your website is to be a ‘Blog’ or “E-Shop’, or any other website private or business. Though all websites are available and look great on the demo, its all up to you to design your own website, pictures and headers. I think most starters are in shock when they first time install a theme and expect to see something similar to the advertised theme. Well welcome to the world of designers and your up for a real task and many hours of trying to get a decent looking and working website. It definitely is not easy to design your own professional looking header ready for use ( full width or not, responsive or not ), as most great images you’ll find on the internet are ‘protected’ by its owner and may only be used when paid for! Don’t think nobody will notice if you do plan to use a ‘protected image’ as they will find you in the end and make you pay a big fine !!

Now, in order to ‘dressup’ your website, plugins are absolutely necesarry to achieve a fully working website. Some basic plugins we all use and need (for SEO , Shop, Ecommerce, Security etc.) are Yoast, RankMath, Woocommerce, WP Cerber, Askimet, JetPack. I can sum up more plugins, but shows you do need any of these to plugins to create a good working website. ThemePrice offers a huge number of 4000+ plugins, themes to help you design, secure and maintain your website.

Get RankMath plugin for your SEO. It is by far the best SEO on the internet.


Right, we searched for some GPL sites on the internet, and yes ‘there is a fast amount to choose from’. However, we only opt for site offering over 1500 plugins or themes, and ofcourse check their subscription prices. Beside these options, we check download limits and update history of acquired plugins/themes. This is important as WordPress keeps evolving and plugins need to be ready for use with newer versions of WordPress ( compatability ).

Pricing of their Lifetime subscription is really your best offer and rarely found on GPL sites. You may ask yourself ofcourse ‘ will the seller be active, after some years’ ), and yeah we’ve no answer for you here. Luckily most GPL sites got good performing search engines, being your main tool to search the database.’s interface is somewhat confusing and not as clean as I like it to be, then again its all personal taste.


Why choose ThemePrice ? Truly the ultimate question to answer. Their claims are mentioned below, don’t leave anything else to be desired really. I can not check all claims for their credibility, but did check their support. The legallity of the software is as described true, and the security step (scan with Norton, McAfee) should put your mind at rest.

Premium and Pro Features will work perfectly , No Nulled / Crack Versions.

  • 100% Legal Downloads: Products Listed in ThemePrice are redistributed under the terms of the General Public License (GPL).
  • Fastest Latest Version Update: We regularly place new versions of themes and plugins .Can’t find the latest version of the product, just click on the Update Button on Product page
  • Priority Live Chat Support: We provide a best and Outstanding Live chat Support and Service to our Customers even with our lowest price. As our aim is to provide 100% Satisfaction
  • Authentic Scanned Files: Each and Every Products of ours are Scanned by Norton and Verified By McAfee. All our products are 100% free from any Virus.
  • 7 days Refund guarantee: If you’re not 100% satisfied with Themeprice, we’ll refund your payment under our refund policy, No hassle, no risk.

These conditions should make you try or buy a subscription from

This menu-Plugin section image (only) shows the specific developers names, and needs some refinement in grouping. Being not the best plugin-menu we’ve seen, the normal searchbar will be your most used database search-tool. Yet ThemePrice offers all most common and important names like:

ThemPrice has some great offers and value for money pricing:

  • Subscription Monthly
  • Subscription 6 Months
  • Subscription 1 Year
  • Subscription Lifetime  ( $125) !!

Once you’ve found your desired plugin or theme, you should get a full information overview off the selected item. Important is the version number and the “NEEDS UPDATE’ button, if you wish or need a newer version. Themeprice adds a great ‘doc’ description to each item explaining the good and bad of the item. ThemePrice is showing most information overall from all sites we checked . We feel absolutely confident you get the best deal possible right now when opting for any subscription.


Downloads are very fast indeed. After selecting the file, the download button appears in light blue, now just hit the button and the file is in your default (or not) download folder on your computer. Your downloads are not saved on ThemePrices server straight away ! It takes about 1 hour for your downloaded files to show up on your account. It’s a real pleasure to work, search and save files, as all is responsive but the website is not really fast.


ThemePrice GPL for WordPress review. After carefully checking many GPL websites , we feel that ThemePrice GPL offers the best subscription pricing and a huge database of 4000+ themes and plugins at your disposal.

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