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Version 6.2102.1Product: Dashlane Premium for Mac


Dashlane was co-founded in 2011 by former Business Objects CEO Bernard Liautaud,[4] Jean Guillou, Guillaume Maron, and Alexis Fogel. The company is headquartered in New York and has received $30 million in venture funding from FirstMark CapitalRho VenturesBessemer Venture Partners, and Bernard Liautaud.[5][6][7] Dashlane protects passwords by storing them locally using AES-256 encryption, and users can only access their account information by using a single master password that is never recorded or transmitted.[8] The app has a fully featured digital wallet that can aggregate credit cards, bank accounts, IDs and other personal information, as well as automatically fill that information for users during online experiences like check-out.[8] Other security features offered within Dashlane Premium Mac include automatic password generation, a security dashboard and security breach alerts.


The interface of Dashlane Premium for Mac is one of the nicest found. Its clean and well designed, providing all information one could want. Dashlane Premium could be your main password manager due to its pricing and provided features.

Dashlane Premium for Mac review


Setting up Dashlane Premium is a simple job if it is your first time use of a Password Manager application. Normally your passwords are stored in the Mac key-chain which has great integration with Safari. Other third party browsers however are not supported by Mac’s key-chain. A true Password Manager application stores your paswords in a vault protected with a chosen master-password by the user. ONLY YOU know the master password, it is not stored anywhere else in a cloud or on servers of Dashlane. So don’t forget it and keep it in a safe place if you don’t trust your brain.The complete setup is guided with clear and easy to understand sheets explaining every step in the proces. Those who already used other applications like 1Password or LastPass have the ability to import their stored passwords  straight into Dashlane, 1Password users need to export their stored passwords in a .pif file which can be imported in Dashlane. It all works flawless and you don’t have to be a rocket scientist  in order to make it all work as it should.

Dashlane offers a Free and a Premium version which both have an equal basic functionality but the Premium version has a full sync with all your other devices like iPhone and iPad. Web access to your passwords and a secure backup make up the difference in price tag.


Dashlane offers a top notch application, providing security as Dashlane uses AES-256 bit encryption. Your data is unencrypted only on your device, and only after you have entered your master password. Password data stored on Dashlane’s servers is secure even if a hacker gains access to it. The password generator allows almost bulletproof passwords configurations.

Dashlane Premium also tracks your compromised passwords in case of a data breach worldwide. This may seem as an ‘okay, nice’, but in the end it is a true security life saver. Its great to have a password manager and encrypted but that’s no use incase your passwords have been compromised !! You might as well do without a password manager if that’s no object for you.

The ‘Identity Dashboard’ is a not often found feature. Well done Dashlane…  A TIP for who cares: Check here to find if your email/passwords have been hacked.

  • Reliable auto-login and password auto-save
  • Comprehensive security breach alerts
  • Security Dashboard with actionable tips
  • Pay one price for unlimited backup and devices
  • No ugly toolbars or unintuitive actions
  • Fully functional mobile apps


Browsing the internet will make you need to log in at some sites, this is where the Mac Key-chain helps ( Safari only ) or in case of Chrome your stored passwords in your Google-account. If you want to be on the safe side a Password Manager is a better option. When visiting a known website Dashlane will popup a login suggestion and do a full auto login. In case you visit a website for the first time and need to make a registration Dashlane has its own password generator giving you options for your password, and strength. The chosen password is stored automatically .

Dashlane Premium for Mac review

With Dashlane, you can securely share access to protected sites. This is useful if you want someone else to make use of a service, for example, but you want to keep your banking information and other passwords private. The person you share with will get an email with a link that expires after a short time.

Dashlane Premium can store credit card information so it can fill in your card information when you pay online. A Dashlane window pops up with tiles of your cards to choose from. It can also save a screenshot of your digital receipts, hows that’s for convenience.


  • Dashlane synchronizes your logins and passwords with PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads and Android devices.
    Supported browsers :
  •                Internet Explorer
  •                Firefox
  •                Chrome
  •                Safari


Dashlane Premium for Mac is a great Password Manager which stores your creditcard credentials, passwords and provides a solid password generator in a complete package. It integrates in MacOS/Big Sur and replaces the Mac Key-Chain in a smooth and clear performance. Your data is encrypted with the strongest algorithm there is, and is reachable with the Master Password only known by the user. Dashlane Premium will sync your passwords and logins with your other devices. VIP support is fair, response time approx. 6 hours.

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