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Version 8.0.1Product: Nektony App Cleaner Uninstaller Pro
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Nektony is a software development company specialised in Mac utilities & iOS productivity apps. It is founded in 2011 and located in Odessa, Ukraine. Nektony App Cleaner Uninstaller Pro is their latest application.


Installation of App Cleaner Uninstaller Pro is simple, just drag and drop the icon(application) inside the .dmg file to your Applications folder and you’re done. You also need to add ‘Full Disk Access’ in your System Preferences in order to grant it full access to your system. Now enter your serial if you bought the Pro version which has some definite useful bonus options over the free version.


Running a Mac like any computer and being glad it is a bit Unix based, our system gets loaded with applications and smaller utilities. Our macOS has NO real system maintenance build-in, but for application removal mostly depend on a drag and drop in the Trashcan. This works fine, but you get stuck with uninstalled files and leftovers.

Unlike Windows, where the user should not use their computer as a ‘testing-machine’ if they want to keep using it as a responsive system, our Mac’s are more Unix based and less sensitive to system faillure due to lost files or worse. That said, our Mac’s do like Windows gather a load of system/applications files which at some point become obsolete when no longer needed.
Unlike Windows our Mac’s store files only in a few folders and don’t spread files around in your complete operating-system, but still applications create some folder entries like .plist files and launch files etc. In case you wish to delete an older or unused application, it should delete not only the main application but also all related files no matter where they ‘hide’ in your Mac’s system. This is where we need help of utilities like Nektory’s App Cleaner, which keeps track of any file-relation ! Even though some application come with their Uninstall-Tool, some files get leftover and may cause problems at some point.

If you ever tried different Antivirus programs, you may have faced issues where the installation program complaining of detecting an earlier version of some antivirus program conflicting the installation. You now need to search (if you know where to look), and delete the conflicting files.

Now why is Nektory’s App Cleaner better than others or even free applications? To make a claim for being the best remover utility, the application needs some dominant results and interface.


App Cleaner Uninstaller Pro removes applications from Mac or delete only unwanted service files and even Remains – the broken files from previously removed apps.
App Cleaner Uninstaller Pro allows you to manage extensions and disable all unwanted Mac startup programs with just one button click.

  • Remove apps – Completely remove applications without leaving any trace.
  • Reset Applications – Delete service files only and launch any application like for the first time.
  • Cleanup Remains – Remove leftovers (broken service files) of apps previously moved to Trash.
  • Remove Extensions – Change Mac startup items, hide or disable Launch Agents, install files and other core extensions.
  • Open With – Provides choice of application to open specific filetype.

Check for the difference between the Free and Pro version.


Nektony’s App Cleaner Uninstaller‘s interface is minimalistic and well layed out. I do however wish Nektony would follow up on their MacCleaner Pro 3 color scheme. The three Tabs are logical and provide every possible removal option needed. When opening the application, a full search/scan is performed inside the application resulting in a fresh view of found files.

Nektony App Cleaner Uninstaller Pro review


App Cleaner Uninstaller  vs CleanMyMac X and Appcleaner, well App Cleaner Uninstaller is a true winner in terms of found files and speed. This must be the best mac uninstaller at this moment!

Nektony App Cleaner Uninstaller Pro review

Fantastic results for App Cleaner Uninstaller !! It finds a hell of a lot more files/folders then some competition. We checked all found files/folders for their legit presence in the listing of Nektony’s App Cleaner & Uninstaller Pro and all were. Top points for this awesome uninstaller from a company unknown to us, but not anymore !
Its absolutely surprising performance along with its ability to show/delete any extension or remains in your system makes this app our favorite uninstaller.


We are over the moon with the Nektony App Cleaner Uninstaller Pro application, keeping your system free from clutter and handling remains or extensions. It outperforms other well known competition like CleanMyMac X and the praised free AppCleaner. It digs and tracks your system files deeper in  order to achieve great results. Is there any better we might ask ourselves? Sofar this little gem is our default application and we advice any Mac user to try or buy this neat piece of software. It’s not often we get something really good, but this time we did.

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