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Version 2.0.1Product: Nektony MacCleaner Pro 2 for Mac



Nektony is a software development company that is specialized on Mac utilities & iOS productivity apps like MacCleaner Pro 2, App Cleaner Uninstaller and Duplicate File Finder. Its founded in 2011 and located in Odessa, Ukraine.



Installation of ‘Nektony MacCleaner Pro 2′  is simple, just drag and drop the icon(application) inside the .dmg file to your Applications folder and you’re done. Now enter your serial for the the Pro version and your Swiss Army knife is ready for use.

MacCleaner Pro 2 interface is great and makes any job easy to understand and perform. Most included tools are separate applications which are launched at command. Its worth mentioning, that two included FREE tools ” Funter and Memory Cleaner ” are used by us as a standard feature for our Macs.
Both work great and are useful additions for your daily routines. MacCleaner Pro 2 interface is great and makes any job easy to understand and perform. Most included tools are separate applications which are launched at command. Its worth mentioning, that two included FREE tools ” Funter and Memory Cleaner ” are used by us as a standard feature for our Macs.
Both work great and are useful additions for your daily routines.

App Cleaner & Uninstaller
Uninstall apps completely.
Manage system extensions.
Find and show hidden files.
Memory Cleaner
Optimize memory usage.
Duplicate File Finder
Organize & Remove duplicates.
Disk Expert
Analyze disk space usage.
Find the biggest folders.

As mentioned you’ll notice that MacCleaner Pro 2, is not an all in one application rather a container for all standalone applications. Its main advantage over the standalone applications is its pricing and Central-Toolbox look and feel. Choose any of the tools available and you’re presented with a menu to choose any action desired.
It all works wonderfull smooth and best interfaces found on similar applications on the internet. As you probably found surfing the internet, there are lots of applications to choose from as this Swiss Army knife consists of popular tools. So which will be your best buy, and give you most ‘bang’ for your money?
Thats why reading reviews is important or try the free applications and find out yourself if it serves your needs. I feel any of the included tools is at the top of what’s available on the internet, as we’ve reviewed Nektony’s AppCleaner & Uninstaller Pro recently and gave it top marks for its performance.



Check the separate snapshots of all included tools and their action menu listing. Our favourite applications are the  AppCleaner & Uninstaller Pro , Duplicate File Finder Pro and the Free included tools Funter and Memory Cleaner which are all our default tools used. The provided Expert Mode for the included tools give you far more control of files you wish to keep or delete. Mind you, be careful as you always should be when you are about to delete files. You need to know your stuff when it comes down to deleting files or objects.



Every music and photography entousiast (and others) will face a lot of duplicate or simular files cluttering their drives, as experimenting and tryouts with images or music is one of my passions. I guess there’s more people like me, spending hours and hours perfecting our favorite photo’s or edited music compilations. People like me get warnings from iCloud, that their storage is full and needs upgrading. All because the latest Catalina version syncs our desktops with iCloud. So in order to avoid iCloud problems, I copy the folders to an external NAS where loads of partitions get stuffed with ‘Folders in Progress’, I call them. In the end, I end up with numerous folders with identical or nearly same files. At times we need to sweep the disks in order to keep things fairly clean, and use the diskspace for new data. Nektony created a nice application Duplicate File Finder Pro ( or Free ). This application helps to remove duplicates in just a few minutes or hours depending on the amount of data to be searched.
Duplicate File Finder scans your Mac hard drive or external drives to find identical files and folders. It searches equal files by type, name, count, and size. You can separately view and delete duplicate photos, videos, music, documents, or all types of duplicates from your Mac. Duplicate File Finder also helps you to detect similar folders, which have both equal and unique files and merge them to free up storage space on your disk. Besides that, Duplicate File Finder detects similar photos in order to ease the selection of the favorite pictures you want to keep on your computer. This application is easy to use and it provides a “how to use” guide for new users. A free version is also available, but I feel the Pro version with its bonus features will not withhold too much, for its pricing.



Main question for any software application is , if we really need the application or can we do without ! I guess our readers know all about Mac maintenance and the need for antivirus and some neccesarry utilities like Nektony’s App Cleaner & Uninstaller. Running a Mac like any computer and being glad it is a bit Unix based, our system gets loaded with applications and smaller utilities. Our Mac’s have NO real system maintenance build-in, so we rely on third party software like CleanMyMac which includes an uninstaller function, or this unknown to me piece of software typically designed to just remove installed files and leftovers.

Unlike Windows, where the user should not use their computer as a ‘testing-machine’ if they want to keep using it as a responsive system, our Mac’s are more Unix based and less sesitive to system faillure due to lost files or worse. That said, our Mac’s do like Windows gather a load of system/applications files which at some point become obsolete when it is not longer needed.
Unlike Windows our Mac’s store files only in a few folders and don’t spread files around in your complete system, but still applications create some folder entries like .plist files and launch files etc. In case you wish to delete an older or unused application, it should delete not only the main application but also all related files no matter where they ‘hide’ in your Mac’s system. This is where we need help of utilities like Nektory’s App Cleaner, which keeps track of any file-relation ! Even though some application come with their Uninstall-Tool, some files get leftover and may cause problems at some point.
If you ever tried different Antivirus programs, you may have faced issues the installation program complaining of detecting an earlier version of some antivirus program conflicting the installation. You now need to search (if you know where to look), and delete the conflicting files.



Below you’ll see the interfaces of the 3 main Tools included. The Funter and Memory Cleaner are located at your menubar at the top of your Mac’s screen. Funter is able to be part of your Finders interface and therefore accessible from its top menu-bar. Great job, as its not often these days we get anything for Free which also works great.

Both AppCleaner & Uninstaller , Duplicate File Finder applications scored maximum points . Both deserve a place in your private Toolbox, thus making this offered Toolbox a Premium kit at a bargain price. Comparing MacCleaner Pro 2 to CleanMyMac X, I feel this toolbox is much more sophisticated at its main tools and options available . It would become the best selling product if Nektony is able to included a virus protection tool running the same algorithm as Bitdefender. Still this may never be the makers desire, just to please me.



Nektony MacCleaner Pro 2 toolbox is a definite winner in every aspect. It provides best of both worlds having a great interface providing an outstanding action-menu and having the best applications available for its tricks and solutions. Just to be honest I feel this application should be in every Mac users ‘ private Toolbox at default ‘, you just can’t go wrong with MacCleaner Pro 2, period !


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